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Are You an Accidental Spammer?

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Are You an Accidental Spammer?

Like most small business owners, you’re probably putting a lot of time and energy into building your email list.

And, like most small business owners, there’s that inevitable day when deep despair kicks in. You only have 150 subscribers, you’ve worked your butt off and, at this point, you’ll do just about anything to get more subscribers.

In your desperate state of mind, you decide that you’re going to employ a creative, simple tactic to jump-start that list.

So, you cleverly go over to your Facebook Fanpage, gather up your Fans’ email addresses and drop them into your email autoresponder program. Then, you head over to LinkedIn and Twitter and grab those email addresses as well. Wow! You instantly added a few hundred people to your list. You certainly are a clever little genius!

I hate to break it to you, but first and foremost, you’re not being very clever. Every single day, I get an email from a LinkedIn connection or a Facebook friend who assumes that I’m just dying to be a part of their email list.

The problem is, I don’t want emails from them. If I had wanted emails from them, I would have opted into their email list.

And, moreover it’s a big, fat hassle when I have to take the time to opt-out of their list. (Not to mention unfollow them, unfriend them and unconnect from them on the social media platforms.)

WARNING: Your LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends and Twitter followers have not given your permission to email them.

This “creative” list-building technique only ends up back-firing. Why? Because it ticks people off.  People are sick of spammy emails. They’re sick of getting too many emails. And they’re sick of having to take the time to unsubscribe from the never-ending stream of spam.

So, no matter how incredibly tempting it may be to add virtual friends to your email autoresponder, don’t do it.

Yes, they are your friends, followers, fans and connections. But, if they haven’t given you explicit permission to email them, then you’re not allowed to email them. It’s as simple as that.

And believe me, I’d rather have a list of 500 laser-targeted prospects that have given me permission to email them, then a list of 15,000 names and emails that I have forced into communication with me.

So, leave the black-hat email tactics to the fake pharmaceutical companies trying to make a quick buck on discount Viagra pills.

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