Business companies investing millions of dollars promoting their projects on social media and specially Facebook and Twitter, but not all of them think about investing that money in a blog that bring them new customers through social media, search engines, forums and everywhere o the web. In this article I will show you why you should start a  blog for business now and not tomorrow.

Why you need a Blog for Business

Blog for Business Owners

To understand the importance of blog’s role, you have to forget that you’re a business owner and start think as a customer, first let me ask you one simple question: how check the latest news for that company?

Now if you think that your customers are just buying your products, and that  is it, you’re wrong, why? most people will type your company or business or even one of your product name in their Google’s search box, there is no one exact raison for that, but they will search for information, details, updates and many of  them are happy customers (if you have…) and want change buy an other product or any other cause. So your Blog will become a microphone to talk to people.

At the mean time, the old vision that people go to your website and search between many links and buttons to find an update is no longer the best way, people like to be interactive and communicate directly with the owner through a blog, a blog is the door that customers will open to check if you have a new product or check your updates, a classic website communications through emails is not they way that blog lovers enjoy, they ask things in their comments that open your eyes to new products and development or simply to get more customers.

Blog and new Customers

If you really want to get new customers, you should ask how millions of people find and buy products or services from their Laptops, PC or phones. Indeed, most of the customers in these days will type  their questions about products and services in search engines, and this is how thy comes to any company and become a new customer, if you don’t have this powerful source of new customers and visitors you’ losing thousands and neglect a better way to grow your business.

Blogs is the only world for thousands of people

Thousands if not millions of internet users are browsing blogs to find products, simply because they trust blogs and bloggers, and this is why there is the Google Blog search,  not all people like a traditional search results, but they search only in blogs and buy products from there, so you should think about them and connect your business there through your blog posts.

The only way to rank your business in the first page of Google is to invest in your business blog and publish good quality articles about your new product or explaining why people should have any of your services, at the same time keep your customers updated and build a strong relation with them through posts and comments, they will ask you questions and find solutions from other blog readers who help you simply by answering others questions, this is what successful companies are doing now.

This way your blog posts will rank in search engines and bring you new targeted customers and advertise your brand for free in the online communities because people will share your posts and even recommend your services to their families and friends.

The best way to succeed your business blog is to post articles frequency, let’s say no less than once a week, you don’t have to post about your business only and stop there,this will let people think that you write to get their money, instead, create two or more subjects and post about them, people will love your posts and subscribe to your RSS and will get notifications when you publish new articles.

If you don’t have the time to manage a blog and this is the case of most business owners, you can hire someone you trust to do that work for you and work together.

Blog and social media

You need to connect your blog to your business social accounts, every social network has its own lovers, Twitter for example is the best one for marketing, but not all people love twitter, so you need to use Facebook, Google plus for other customers. If you share photo and videos and on your social accounts, you will bring visitors and  convert them later to customers. You have to create cool videos and publish them on YouTube, it’s not a hard work if you want to succeed, you should know that YouTube receives millions of visitors who search and browse videos and spend hours there.


nowadays, a business owner should think about business blog that bring new customers through search engines and build regulations with people, but this needs real work to succeed, and this is the challenge, you have to promote your services but to be social at the same time, it’s a new ways to get customers and succeed.

Do you think about new blog for your business? Share your ideas in your comments please and tell your story.


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