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JustCloud review

Plan Reviewed : Premium
Pricing : $1.86/mo
Overall Highly Recommended!
Features Full star
Support Full star
Pricing Full star
Reliability Full star

What’s The Thing That They Won’t Tell You In JustCloud?

I loved them. I’m one of their paying customers around the world.

Before I actually written this review, there was a mix of good and bad reviews about them. I was seriously looking for a cloud storage vendor back then. So, due to my curiosity and situation (my HP netbook crash), I’d had the chance to venture a few other providers before I landed on JustCloud.

Here are the reasons why I chose JustCloud:-

  1. JustCloud offer a very fair price for their products. A great discount too.
  2. Their features are way above for an average home user.
  3. Response and support are efficient and quick. I got reply in 6 hours (less than 24 hours from what JustCloud claim to deliver).
  4. The Sync folder is awesome. A very convenient feature for constant editing files such as working documents. It will backup the edited file instantly without you doing anything.

The above are just some of the summarize quick point about JustCloud. More detail explanation on them in the review below.


There’s more, make sure you read until the end to find out more exclusive tips from me.

Who Is JustCloud? Are They Good Enough?

JustCloud is an UK based company in Hampshire. They had become one of the most popular online backup and cloud storage company.

Why, how? The answer is simple.

They offer the unbeatable price, rich features product and they provide good support.

Being one of the fastest growing companies on the web today, JustCloud want your sales badly and they know it can only be done right with a reliable product and an attractive price tag.

They deliver both of these criteria no doubt.

Justcloud Plan

JustCloud offer 3 plans for home users: (price are before discount)

  1. Home (from just $6.95/mo) – Basic
  2. Premium (from just $7.95/mo) – Advance
  3. Unlimited (from just $9.95/mo) – Everything

See JustCloud Plan & Pricing

Did you know that JustCloud offer 3 affordable plans for home user?

250GB Storage Capacity & Unlimited Computer Sync

The Premium plan here gives you 250GB in storage capacity for backup. 1GB syncing folder (place on your desktop when install) that is accessible by unlimited computer.

This might get a bit confusing; I’ll try to explain that.

  1. 250GB is the storage capacity for backup purpose. This only limit to one computer. You can restore back the original file or data if you accidentally delete or lose them.
  2. 1GB Sync folder is when you edit any files or document in the Sync folder. The file will automatically sync to the Cloud. You can always upgrade the capacity for the sync folder (maximum is 20GB). You can access the sync folder using any devices (unlimited) as long as you are connected to your online cloud account.

JustCloud interface and usage has been very user friendly. They are using the Drag & Drop feature to the convenient of users. Backup & restore is also as easy as a click away. You are completely in control of your files.

Below is the view of your control panel. Basically, you control everything from here. It’s very simple to use and the navigation is clear.

JustCloud features

It took around 5 minutes to download, installed and get familiarized with the software.

And, you’re good to start backing up files with them.

See JustCloud Additional Features

Drag & Drop is a must feature for easy access to Sync folder.

Any File Restriction? Limitation?

Well, you can pretty much backup and store everything in JustCLoud. You can even store the executable file (.exe). While many other providers do not allow that but JustCloud make it standard for all their plans.

However, there’s a limit on the file size. You can only get a maximum of 5GB upload in any single file and you certainly cannot save any child porn.

Don’t worry on any of those as JustCloud is very user friendly. You will get use with all the features and functions in no time. It only spent me around 5 minutes to learn and know all of these.

Is It Safe & Reliable With JustCloud?

JustCloud security features

Don’t worry on that. JustCloud got you covered on the security and reliability issue. Find out how they do it:-

  1. All files are store and kept safe using Google Cloud Storage Servers.
  2. Your data is replicated and store in multiple data center. They called it Geo-Redundant Storage.
  3. Your data is encrypted and transfer using AES-256 bit. The 256 bit SSL encryption is for banking and military usage.
  4. Your files are kept and remained backup forever. Unless you delete them through the control panel.


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