Social Media is a variety of web platform applications that enables people to socially interact.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube are most popular and allows you to showcase your business and share news about your particular industry driving more traffic to your website.

Marketcom supplies social media pages designed to stimulate audience participation. We also provide services to automateĀ posts to Facebook and Twitter through an API directly from your blog. Whenever, you write a blog post it can be instantly shared saving you time and giving clients and prospects news about your business and industry.


Social Media Items To Consider:

  1. Page Creation and Setup
  2. Content Posting
  3. Comment Replies
  4. Photos, News, Press Releases, Announcements
  5. Reputation Monitoring
  6. Email Notifications


Contact Us, we can help determine best course of Social Media action for your business.