The use of cloud computing has changed the way we do business and who we trust with our confidential information. Networks are costly burdens to many companies, so a large number of them are now turning to cloud computing providers for their application and storage needs.


If you are considering a move to a cloud service, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure that your identity and information is safeguarded.  Here are our top recommendations:

1)  Work with nationally-recognized cloud service provider.

Lists such as the Talkin’ Cloud 100, Top 100 Managed Services Provider – Small Business Edition, and Top 501 Managed Services Provider – Global Edition recognize companies that consistently provide the best cloud service. When choosing a provider, make sure to read online customer reviews and industry feedback.

2)  Review the details of the contract and ensure that there is a clause covering ownership and usage.

In 2012 Google Drive came under fire for claiming the rights to anything a user uploaded, even after the contract had expired. If you are working with a cloud provider make sure that the fine print includes ownership of your work.

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