Top 3 Reasons to Separate Personal & Business Accounts on Social Media

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Top 3 Reasons to Separate Personal & Business Accounts on Social Media

Top 3 Reasons to Separate Personal & Business Accounts on Social Media

When you mix business and pleasure online, you risk alienating customers and missing out on the advantages of using professional accounts.


Social media can be a powerful marketing tool to help your business grow online. But as platforms like Facebook and Instagram become more popular for business and pleasure, the lines between personal and professional have become blurred.

To establish a strong online presence for your business, social media marketing is a must. It’s a free and effective way to get your brand out there for customers to discover. You can connect with potential customers, hone in on your target audience, and promote your products and services—all while boosting your business’ search engine optimization (SEO).

With all this digital freedom at your disposal, however, it is important to establish a professional online presence for your business that is separate from your personal life. Here are the top three reasons to keep your personal social media accounts separate from your business accounts.

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1. Accountability for Personal Views

Social media is a great platform to share your opinions and tell friends and family what’s going on in your life. As a business owner, however, you have a responsibility to your customers to keep these things out of the equation.

Your personal views should always be kept off social media to not unintentionally offend potential customers. This is crucial when it comes to religious and political views. Once you put anything out there, you are responsible for it and you will be held accountable by customers. Make sure you are keeping a professional and unbiased presence across all platforms.

2. Focus on Your Target Audience

If you keep a social media account that serves as both a personal and business outlet, you are trying to combine two audiences that may not be compatible. Basically, you are mixing friends, family, professional associates, and potential customers, which can cause you to lose sight of your business’ true mission.

When you keep a separate business profile, you can focus on promoting your products and services without being distracted by friends and family. This will allow you to create content that is relevant to potential customers instead of mixing in information about your personal life.

3. SEO & Metrics

When you try to use a personal social media account for your business affairs, you are hurting your overall SEO. Search engines will not read personal accounts as business pages and as a result could rank your company lower on search results pages.

Also, you would miss out on the business-oriented analytic tools that can assist you in gauging your success with posts and engagement with followers. For example, with a Facebook business page you view detailed metrics to see what content is most popular with your followers and get demographic information about your audience.

While keeping separate accounts is more work at first, your business will benefit from being focused on building a rapport with your intended audience without inundating them with personal content. Our knowledgeable Marketing Pros can also assist you in cultivating a social media presence through our small business products.